Seismic Systems

Borehole source of SV-waves GEOSv

GEOSv is the unique borehole source specifically designed for crosshole seismic testing (CST). Provided with a fast-locking pneumatic system, it allows to generate polarized vertical shear waves. This device is fully in accordance with international standard ASTM D7400-08. The operation of the GEOSv source is provided by the Jack energy sources.

Main features:
  • Light, powerful and easy-to-use
  • Upward downward vertical shear waves
  • No need to orientate
  • Pneumatic locking system
Diameter 65 mm
Length 654 mm
Waterproof 200 m
Max air pressure 25 bar
Air pipe connection 6 mm
Max piston range 21.5 mm
Connector High voltage 7 pins
Mechanical features
Case Aluminium
Clamping pistons 2
Eleactronic features
Power supply Max 3000V 300J
Frequency bandwidth 100-600 Hz

Jack Pulsed Power Supplies

Jack energy sources ensure the operation of sparker and electrodynamic sources used in geophysical surveys in boreholes by methods of crosshole seismic testing (CST), vertical seismic profiling (VSP), vertical seismoacoustic profiling (VSaP) and others. Jack design deploys a reliable thyristor key, that enables obtaining a really short high-voltage electric pulse. The energy source is operated from the ас system with 110 / 220 V voltage.

In Jack-500 and Jack-1200 models, pulse chargers provide an average charge rate of 500 J/s. Jack‑2500HP version is equipped with a fast charger that is capable to regulate the charging speed (500 / 1000 / 1500 J/s). Thus, all Jack energy sources allow operation with compact portable generators (with power of 0,8 kW and more).

Jack energy sources allow one to operate with three triggering modes:
  • Triggering from an external device (seismic recording system, synchronization system, etc.)
  • A series with a given number of pulses and a period of their repetition
  • Infinite series of pulses with a given period

Jack energy sources can be equipped with a portable remote control unit JackPad. Compact dimensions, impact-resistant leakproof casing, light weight, well-conceived and intuitive user interface, remote control unit, allow to consider Jack energy sources the most modern and truly mobile devices among all the alternatives available on the market.

The standard set of Jack energy source consists of:
  • Jack Unit
  • Sync connector (2 pc.)
  • Power cable
  • Universal switching module for connecting the source
  • Documentation Kit
In addition to Jack energy sources the following items can be purchased:
  • JackPad remote control
  • Spare parts kit
  • Borehole sources of longitudinal and transverse waves of SH- and SV- polarization
  • Seismic stations
  • Borehole hydrophone and geophone arrays
  • Borehole telemetric probes TELSS-VSP and SGD-SLM GNOME.

As may be agreed, it is possible to manufacture a energy source and a source of the required power and configuration. For the correct preparation of technical design specification, please contact us using any method indicated on the website.

Borehole Sparker Pulse

Borehole sparker Pulse is utilized to generate pressure waves in water-filled boreholes while performing the operations via crosshole seismic testing (CST) and vertical seismic profiling (VSP) methods. The operation of the Pulse source is provided by the Jack energy source.

Jack energy source generates a short high-voltage electric pulse of considerable energy, which ensures the formation of ionized high-pressure gas-vapor cavities on the electrode group of the Pulse sparker, placed in a container with salt water. With explosive expansion of the gas-vapor cavity, the pressure in it rapidly decreases, what leads to a precipitate drop in the temperature, vapor condensation and subsequent collapse of the cavity, what does not lead to parasitic pulsations. The design of the source provides easy replacement of wear electrode groups, what also allows to control the signature of the source by installing a group with a different number of electrodes.

The standard diameters of the containers are 36 / 60 / 80 mm, thus allowing operations in wells with diameters starting from 40 mm. It is important to understand that in order to provide a stable pulse of high energy and a significant operational life of the source, a sufficient volume of the container and the number of electrodes greater than 25 are necessary. The operating life of the radiator is 5000–50000 excitations and depends on the number of electrodes and the energy supplied to them.

Pulse sources are shipped on geophysical reels equipped with high-voltage slip rings. Thus, one does not need to disconnect the source from a energy source during operations of winding / unwinding the cable.

The set includes:
  • Pulse source
  • Power cable
  • Reel with high-voltage slip ring
  • Wire to connect a reel and a energy source

Borehole source of SH- waves SHock

The borehole source SHock is utilized to generate pressure (P-) and shear waves of horizontal polarization (SH-waves) in wells while performing the operations through crosshole seismic testing (CST) and reverse vertical seismic profiling (RVSP) methods. The operation of the SHock source is provided by the Jack energy sources.

The source generates a shear wave through an asymmetric blow delivered into wall of the well. A rigid pneumo-electric line makes it easy to rotate the source in the borehole, providing generation of “right” and “left” blows. The SHock source allows excitation of a seismic signal in both water-filled and dry wells, which is not feasible for borehole sparkers.

SHock is supplied on a reel equipped with a high-voltage slip ring. Thus, one does not need to disconnect the energy source during operations of winding / unwinding the cable.

The standard set consists of:
  • SHock source
  • Pneumo-electric line
  • Reel with high-voltage slip ring
  • Wire to connect a reel and a energy source

Hydrophone array WellStreamer

The borehole hydrophone array WellStreamer is designed for borehole seismic surveys at pressure (P) waves. The hydrophone modules utilize highly sensitive piezoceramic sensors with preamplifiers. The default number of modules on the cable is 24, but it can vary from 1 to 48. The standard interval between pressure sensors is 1 m and the total length of the seismic array can reach 200 m or more.

The hydrophone array can be supplied on a reel with slip ring, which allows to leave the equipment plugged into it while winding and unwinding the cable.

Main features:
  • Highly sensitive piezoceramic sensors
  • Small diameter and light weight
  • Compatibility with linear seismic recording systems

Geophone array GStreamer

The borehole seismic array with three-component clamping geophone modules GStreamer is designed for multiwave crosshole seismic testing and VSP. The number of modules on the cable can vary from 1 to 8. The interval between modules is determined by the customer.

Three normally oriented geophones with a natural frequency of 12.5 Hz are deployed in each module. The module clamping is achieved by a semi-active spring system with the possibility of remote snapping in the well. The load for the lowering the cable into borehole is not required.

The use of array with clamping modules along with borehole source of SH- waves SHock and Jack energy source allows multiwave observations with registration of SH- and P- waves at distances between wells up to 30 m.

The geophone array can be supplied on a reel with slip ring, which allows to leave the equipment plugged into it while winding and unwinding the cable.

Inclinometer probe INCLIS DH

The new inclinometer probe INCLIS DH, designed by SolGeo, allows to perform a 3D borehole deviation survey it is equipped with 3 magnetometric and an 3 accelerometric sensors. In case of iron casing which makes impossible the right working of the magnetometric sensors, the system is provided with a set of aluminium rod that allows to drive the probe inside the BH. INCLIS-DH is connected to the PC trough a USB Junction box which provides the power supply and the data transfer.

Main features:
  • Allows to perform a 3D borehole deviation survey
  • 3 magnetometric and 3 accelerometric sensors
  • Optional set of aluminium rods (when iron casing is present)
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